Tender Essence - Our Story

Originally started in 2013 Tender Essence was born to plug a gap in the market for high-quality essential oils with the promise of always pure oils, nothing added to them to change them or bulk them out, this was very popular and amased a huge following of very loyal customers who knew they could trust Tender Essence to supply just what they wanted.

This was then taken over in 2020 during the first Covid lockdown by husband and wife team Tom & Sarah who still run the business now - some may say we were mad taking on a new venture at this testing time but to Tom & Sarah this was a vital add on to the experiene they already had in the industry and a good addition to an existing business they already had inthe crafts sector.

Fast forward to 2022 and Tender Essence is growing even stronger with the newest addition of our long-awaited and much anticipated monthly 'Essence Club' monthly subscription box.