Diffusers for Essential Oils

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Spread the scents of pure essential oil fragrances around your home or office without worrying about heat, smoke or the dangers of harmful chemicals.

A quality aroma diffuser will diffuse a light mist into the room by vibrating the liquid millions of times per second via a plate that causes ultrasonic waves, this changes the state of the oil in water without the use of heat, which means that the essential oil isn't changed in form like when you use an oil burner so you get all of the benefits from the pure oil - it's also safer to use when around children and pets than a candle or liquid reed diffuser.

To use a diffuser, just add water to the reservoir and don't exceed the 'max' or 'fill' line and then add five to ten drops of essential oil to the water - don't add too much oil as the scent may become too strong and although it won't look like much, a small amount is plenty!

These diffusers are very quiet but do emit a soft vibrating, bubbling sound - this shouldn't cause too much distraction and we use one personally by our bed at night, without issues, the bubbling sound can be quite therapeutic!