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Massage Oils: The Sexual Power of Sensual Touch Massage

Here at Tender Essence, we’re pretty biased in our opinion that scent is the most powerful of the senses. We could talk to you for hours (probably longer) about how much mood is influenced by scent, but recently we’ve also been learning all about the power of touch.

Studies have shown that skin on skin contact releases a small amount of oxytocin in the brain, which helps us to feel confident and to bond. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

This explains why touch is such an important aspect of our sexual experiences. Of course, you have to touch your partner during lovemaking. That’s a kind of non-negotiable aspect of the act. But what we’re talking about here is really taking the time to pleasure your partner in a less-sexual way through sensual massage.

One tip that relationship experts suggest is not limiting yourself to just using your hands. Instead, try massaging hard parts of your partner’s body with soft areas of yours, and vice versa.

For example, the back could be massaged with the forearms, whilst the thighs could be massaged with the elbows. In such a way, a truly whole-body experience is created.

Of course, what you chose to do after the massage is completely up to you (and beyond the context of this article). All we’re saying is that scientific studies have proven that the release of oxytocin paves the way for stronger and longer orgasms…

How to make

Massage oils are insanely easy to make, which is great news because we would all rather spend that extra time in the bedroom, right?

Just mix 25ml of your carrier oil (we recommend grapeseed but any cooking oil will do just fine) with 10 drops of essential oils. Blue Lotus or Jasmine are two amazing sensual scents that work well, but have some fun and play with oils that you enjoy!

Patchouli is also a great one to add some extra luxury to any blend.

It’s best to store your massage oil in a dark glass container if you’re not going to use it all in one go. Also remember that they are for external use only, no matter how tempting it may be!

Then just dim the lights, get some candles and put that special playlist on. You’re welcome, in advance…

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