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How to make Citronella Bug Spray (Recipe)

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to make a Citronella Essential Oil bug spray.



What you need:

Citronella Essential Oil
Witch Hazel
Bottle (Preferably Tinted Glass to keep it fresh)
Spray Head for Bottle

How to make 100ml of spray:

Depending on the size of the glass bottle you are using depends on the number of drops of essential oil you’ll use, for every 100ml of Witch Hazel you use, use 50 drops of Citronella Essential Oil - this will give you a dilution of 2% essential oil in a carrier oil.

Drip 50 drops of Citronella Essential Oil into the empty bottle (we add the oil first in case of any spillage or adding the wrong amount, it's much easier to start again if its not already mixed with the witch hazel!

Then add 100ml of Witch Hazel to the oil.

Secure the lid and then shake to combine, note; we're not using a binding agent or emulsifier so the oil will separate from the witch hazel when left, all you need to do is give it a shake before you use it to combine it.

To use:

Spray on clothing and on exposed skin, try and avoid the face and sensitive areas and always patch test well before using to ensure you have no allergies to the oils.

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