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Bright and Beautiful – Our New DIY Cosmetics Book

We’ve been hard at work for the past year on a special project for our customers here at Tender Essence. We appreciate that many of you either make your own cosmetics or are interested in learning how to do so. This gave us the idea of creating a unique book filled with DIYs and recipes for cosmetics – all using only natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. From this idea, Bright and Beautiful – Making Your Own Natural Cosmetics was born.

This book will teach you how to make all your own DIY cosmetics, covering everything from face creams to candles. Split across four sections, our recipes encompass products for your face, body, bath and shower, and home. We’ve made sure that all of the ingredients used are easy to find – in fact, most of them will already be in your kitchen cupboards at home. With this book at your side, the possibilities are endless! 

Bar of handmade soap
Learn to make your own soap

Across 27 exclusive recipes, you will learn the basics and progress to everything that you need to make your own cosmetics at home. There are guides to ingredients, colourings and toppings, as well as aromatherapy and essential oils. Use what you learn from these to create your own scent combinations and adjust the recipes. It’s easy to make products tailored to you! Your handmade creations are great for personal use and make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other celebrations.

Bright and Beautiful - Making Your Own Natural Cosmetics
Our DIY cosmetics book is now available!

Bright and Beautiful – Making Your Own Natural Cosmetics is now available for purchase.

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