Violet Leaf Absolute Oil (Dilute)


Violet Leaf Essential Oil

Violet leaf absolute oil is a gorgeous floral smelling essential oil with a green, earthy note with floral undertones. A luxurious ingredient in quality perfumes.
It gives comfort in times of grief by helping the bereaved accept the loss and changes.

When blended with a carrier oil, violet leaf oil can be used topically on itchy, dry or sensitive skin to help relieve the symptoms.

This essential oil has recently been shown on TV as an aid to help calm dogs.

Violet leaf essential oil can have benefits when you need to soothe or calm your pet before a vet visit or settle before bonfire night to help calm before fireworks.

How to use violet leaf oil on dogs:

  • Drip some violet leaf oil onto a tissue and allow your pet to smell it straight from the tissue.

  • Alternatively, suppose you like to use an aroma diffuser. In that case, you can add 3 to 5 drops of oil to your diffuser's water chamber and allow the violet aroma to diffuse into the air to create a calming environment.

If you decide to diffuse, as with any essential oil, leave the door open to allow your pet to leave the room and do not leave your pet alone in a room with the diffuser.

(Viola Odorata) Soothing. Earthy, leafy, subtle floral notes, are characteristic of parma violets. Often used in the perfume industry. This dilute is a cost-effective way to be able to use Violet leaf - also good as a calming scent for dogs, only to be used for pets to smell, not to ingest.
  • Botanical Name: Viola Odorata
  • Note: Middle
  • Family: Sweet
  • Extraction method: Solvent
  • Blends with: Citronella 

Note: This is a pre-diluted oil that's mixed with grapeseed oil, this is to make it more affordable to buy as it will still give all the benefits but pre-diluted. If you want to use on the skin we recommend you dilute further with a carrier oil.

Essential Oils

For external use only.

Do not apply to skin undiluted.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Do not use on children, when pregnant, or while on medication.

Keep out of reach from children.

Do not use essential oils instead of seeing a doctor for medical advice.

If an allergic reaction occurs wash the oil off with soap and water then seek medical advice.

Carrier Oils

Patch test before use.

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